Month: March 2013

Kelmann Restoration Wins 5th Phoenix Award!

Mar 27 2013
Kelmann Restoration is proud to announce that it is this year’s recipient of the Restoration Industry Association’s (RIA) Phoenix Award for Innovation in Restoration! This is Kelmann’s fifth time winning the award. Best in the nation The award recipient is…

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Recommended Guides For Survival and Preparedness

Mar 26 2013
After being attacked by both category 1 and 3 hurricanes within the last ten years (Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Katrina), being efficiently prepared for a natural disaster is becoming increasingly critical. Luckily, both government and informational websites provide effective and…

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Kelmann Connection Newsletter March 2013

Mar 21 2013
Tips to Prevent Basement Flooding Water can cause more damage and have longer lasting consequences than most people realize. With the snow/melt/rain cycles we've been having, water in the basement has been one of the most commonly called about problems…

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