Fall Home Improvement Tips That Save You Money

Leaves falling from your trees not only can cause rake-induced back aches, but they are a threat to your property.  With simple DIY projects, you can save money and protect your property. Jason Gurskis, licensed home improvement contractor, provides these tips:

 Clean Out Your Gutters

The problem:

Seasonal debris, such as leaves, twigs, and other debris, collects in your gutters. Small blockages collect throughout your gutters around your home, altering rain/water runoff. The gutter system of a house is designed to move water down from the roof and away from the home and it’s foundation for proper drainage.  If runoff water dams, it will find the path of least resistance, also known as your walls and ceilings. Additionally, clogged gutters can attribute to ice-damming (more in the next article), paint erosion to the side of the property, gutter structure deterioration, basement flooding, and foundation cracking.

How to Do It:

Start by placing a ladder at arms-length away from a corner downspout.  Hold your removal tool (e.g., garden trowel, rake, etc.) and pull the debris away from the downspout into a trash bag.  Move the ladder and repeat.  Never reach further than an arm’s length away from the ladder or overfill your trash bag.

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