Historic Snow and Ice Storms Hit the U.S–Again

A new snow and ice storm has once again hit the U.S. The northeast, parts of the midwest, and the south are experiencing a prolonged intense winter that is causing enormous destruction across a huge region. From widespread power outages and transportation woes to massive school and business closures, the most recent storm has been historic in proportion. The storm is just the latest in a string of frigid, polar storms that have ravaged the region throughout the winter. Unrelenting arctic temperatures and heavy snowfall–even as far south as Alabama and Georgia–have created conditions where governors have been forced to declare states of emergencies.

Across the northeast region some half a million people have been left without power, causing dangerous conditions as arctic temperatures continue to linger. When utility resources fail, emergency situations become considerably more dire. The snowstorm has provoked widespread closures of schools, businesses, and government offices. Emergency preparedness is more important than ever during these types of weather events as the combination of below freezing temperatures and blizzard conditions makes transit and day to day life particularly complicated.

Taking precautions when travelling by road and ensuring that you are equipped for cold weather is very important. Keep an emergency preparedness kit in your vehicle with things like blankets, food, water, first aid kits, snow shovel, and a fully charged cell phone. You should also make sure that your vehicle’s gas tank is full. Becoming stuck and stranded or running out gas and experiencing mechanical problems are realistic concerns during this kind of weather. Ensuring that you are personally prepared to address these things is extremely important to safety during the ongoing blizzard conditions.

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