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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Flood Proof Your Valuables: Tips for Avoiding Water Damage

Mar 31, 2014

Water damage is a serious threat to both your family and your home. But what about your valuables? Though it might be an emergency situation, we still believe that you can save the things you value in addition to your loved ones in the event of a flood. With recent hurricanes and flooding, being prepared…

Volunteering for Disasters: Top Resources

Mar 28, 2014

Disaster preparation involves a considerable amount of planning and preparation–both individually and within a community. No one recovers from a disaster by themselves. This is one reason why mobilizing a community response to a disaster is so important. Disaster volunteering is one powerful way in which people can provide a much needed community service while…

Wisconsin Disaster Resources

Mar 24, 2014

Disaster preparation entails taking a lot of different steps. The first, however, should be familiarizing yourself with the resources available in your area. Disasters are a regional concern first and foremost and every region faces unique risks and has different responses and resources. Throughout Wisconsin, severe storm and flooding are a big concern throughout the…

How Bad Is It? Looking at Different Categories of Water Damage

Mar 19, 2014

Water damage can occur from just about anything that directly or indirectly produces moisture. Everything from a broken pipe and overflowing sink to a gradual leak or heavy rains can lead to water damage. One important thing to understand about water damage is the different class and categories of damage. Not all water damage is…