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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Training for Disaster Response Professionals

Apr 28, 2014

Emergency and disaster response professionals undergo extensive training in order to be able to efficiently and competently respond to a wide range of disaster situations. From flood damage and mold to house fires, the emergency response professional must be able to initiate a comprehensive, tailored solution to any problem. Expert knowledge of the latest detection…

Technology Matters in Water Damage Restoration

Apr 25, 2014

Water damage is a serious problem that requires a fast response in order to prevent structural damage and mold growth. Even a small amount of sitting water can be very destructive to the structure and contents of your home. Because of this risk it is very important to address water damage immediately and take steps…

Top 5 Emergency Prep Blogs

Apr 21, 2014

Emergency preparation is an ongoing process to identify risks and create specific responses to natural disasters. The preparation process can often be time consuming and expensive, and it can be difficult to know even where to start. For this reason, it’s always helpful to know where the best resources are for disaster preparation and emergency…

Historic Building Restoration: Preservation Techniques

Apr 14, 2014

Preserving and restoring historic buildings requires a great deal of care and precision in order to avoid compromising the structure and interior of the building.

4 Step Spring Sprinkler Checklist

Apr 7, 2014

After your sprinklers have been in hibernation during the winter, it’s a good idea to verify that everything is in good working order before proceeding. Follow these steps when starting up your sprinkler system to ensure it is done right and no problems will arise down the road such as basement flooding. Keep your lawn…