Month: August 2014

Integrated Disaster Preparedness: Why it is Better

Aug 25 2014
Creating more resilient communities and encouraging more complete, integrated disaster responses can mean a more prepared population and faster disaster recovery. A key component to better disaster response and recovery is empowering people to help themselves. More and more, cities…

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Preparing a Disaster Kit with Your Kids

Aug 19 2014
Preparing a disaster kit is a well known way to ensure overall preparation for emergency situations. If you have children, instilling the importance of planning for disasters and putting together an emergency kit is a positive practice to encourage awareness…

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How to Obtain a Disaster Loan

Aug 11 2014
Once safety has been established for everyone around in the wake of a natural disaster, it is time to begin the process of rebuilding, whether that is your home or business. For areas that have been subjected to high amounts…

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