Month: September 2014

Best DIY Home Remodeling Projects

Sep 22 2014
Remodeling part of your home can seem like a daunting prospect. Thinking about the thousands of dollars spent and the construction site that your home will become can be an unpleasant scenario. DIY projects, however, don’t have to be this…

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Top Green Home Restoration Tips

Sep 15 2014
Home restoration can be resource intensive. Whether your home has been damaged by weather or you are just aiming to undertake a renovation improvement project, doing the project in a sustainable way can be an ideal way to restore parts…

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National Preparedness Month: Business Disaster Planning

Sep 10 2014
As part of National Preparedness Month, thinking about how prepared your business is for a disaster and taking on more comprehensive disaster planning is an important part of the seasonal transition. Every business should have in their operational objectives a…

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