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About Us

Wisconsin full-service disaster cleanup and property renovation company

Kelmann Restoration is an award winning provider of fire, water, and wind damage property recovery services in the Greater Milwaukee area. In addition to being leading experts in the fields of water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, and mold removal, we’re also expert renovators of residential and commercial properties.

We are locally operated, and we have enjoyed serving our community since 1973. Our full-time staff of over 50 people provides the experience, expertise, and creativity to completely restore homes, commercial and government properties, religious structures, schools, and libraries. We place a strong emphasis on employee training, and we are constantly adding to our knowledge of renovation and restoration by attending schools, seminars, and training sessions across the country.

We believe in educating the community—over the years, hundreds of insurance professionals throughout Wisconsin have experienced Kelmann Corporation’s Fire and Water Loss Seminars. We seek out opportunities to be guests on radio programs and to be featured in publications that discuss remodeling and renovation as well as the balance of work, family, and community involvement. We have also been invited to participate on the national level in roundtable discussions about issues in the disaster recovery and property renovation industries.

Our interest in the community goes beyond preserving its architecture—our schoolwork program has provided high school students with important real life experience. We’ve donated our time and services where needed—we continuously provide food, clothing, and furniture items to people in need.

In short, we believe in helping our communities improve. We enjoy our work and always strive to provide the best services possible, and we also understand how important our services can be for those individuals who find their properties damaged by fires, floods, and other problems.

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