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Top 5 Emergency Prep Blogs

Apr 21 2014
Emergency preparation is an ongoing process to identify risks and create specific responses to natural disasters. The preparation process can often be time consuming and expensive, and it can be difficult to know even where to start. For this reason,…

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Historic Building Restoration: Preservation Techniques

Apr 14 2014
Preserving and restoring historic buildings requires a great deal of care and precision in order to avoid compromising the structure and interior of the building.

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4 Step Spring Sprinkler Checklist

Apr 07 2014
Spring and summer are the perfect times to run a sprinkler. Your lawn will typically get most of its moisture naturally during fall and winter, but it still needs to stay hydrated during the hotter months. Make sure you use these four tips to check your sprinkler this spring.

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Flood Proof Your Valuables: Tips for Avoiding Water Damage

Mar 31 2014
Water damage is a serious threat to both your family and your home. But what about your valuables? Though it might be an emergency situation, we still believe that you can save the things you value in addition to your…

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Volunteering for Disasters: Top Resources

Mar 28 2014
Disaster preparation involves a considerable amount of planning and preparation--both individually and within a community. No one recovers from a disaster by themselves. This is one reason why mobilizing a community response to a disaster is so important. Disaster volunteering…

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Wisconsin Disaster Resources

Mar 24 2014
Disaster preparation entails taking a lot of different steps. The first, however, should be familiarizing yourself with the resources available in your area. Disasters are a regional concern first and foremost and every region faces unique risks and has different…

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How Bad Is It? Looking at Different Categories of Water Damage

Mar 19 2014
Water damage can occur from just about anything that directly or indirectly produces moisture. Everything from a broken pipe and overflowing sink to a gradual leak or heavy rains can lead to water damage. One important thing to understand about…

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How to Protect your Home from Harsh Winter Weather

Jan 07 2014
As polar conditions continue to make their way across the mid-west and northeast, Wisconsin is one of the hardest hit when it comes to winter storm Hercules.  Even though Hercules has definitely made its mark, records have not yet been…

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Are You Prepared for a Blizzard?

Nov 19 2013
The transition from fall to winter can often be a quick one. Before you know it snow is blowing and you are digging your car out. With the changing of the seasons it is worth thinking about how prepared you…

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Useful Tips: Dealing with Water, Wind and Fire Damage

Jul 01 2013
The moment your home is wrecked by water, fire, wind, or other such damage is a devastating one. If this ever happens to you, make sure to take the advice of your Wisconsin restoration company.

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Very satisfied. Very impressed. Kelmann was truly responsive and professional. A rarity these days.

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I was very pleased with the service and quality of work provided by Kelmann on my recent laundry room remodeling project… I would definitely recommend Kelmann for their quality workmanship, service and personnel.

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