FAQs About: Water Damage

My basement is flooded. Can I clean up the water on my own?

It depends on the extent of the damage, but in most cases we’d strongly advise getting professional assistance. Flood waters can seep into hidden areas behind walls that you may not notice, and mold and other problems can form as a result. Give us a call, and we’ll provide a professional and impartial assessment of the situation.

My valuables were damaged in the flood. Is there anything you can do?

Yes! We have an advanced contents restoration division that can restore even the most damaged of valuables. We’ll use sophisticated equipment to clean and restore everything from electronics (including televisions and computers) to antiques to furniture.

FAQs about: Fire Damage

Can you get rid of the pervasive smoke smell in my home?

Yes, our team is fully equipped with advanced property cleaning and deodorization tools. No matter how strong or pervasive the smell, we will remove the smoke and soot residues and then completely eliminate the odors! This is our guarantee!

Can you provide emergency board-up after a fire?

Yes, our fire recovery crew offers emergency board-up services for homeowners. If your property has been damaged in a fire, call Kelmann and our team will arrive on site within minutes to begin the complete damage mitigation and recovery services we are known for.

FAQs About: Storm Damage

Water is coming into my home after a storm. What do I do?

If you can identify the source of the water, try to cover the damaged area with a waterproof tarp. This will prevent any more water intrusion and minimize the damage to your home. Once we arrive, our team will work quickly to repair the damage and remove any water.

Do you offer reconstruction services after the initial storm damage repair is complete?

Yes! Our team can handle property repairs and reconstruction of all kinds. If your roof was damaged by the wind, we can take care of it. If large sections of your home were damaged, we can take care of that too. Kelmann is here for you!

FAQs About: Mold

What causes mold to grow in a building?

Mold is ubiquitous. And it’s virtually always in the air. However, indoor air quality can be compromised when mold levels become pronounced. Mold always grows as a result of moisture. Keep in mind, mold is never a problem, but a symptom of a problem. That being water or moisture. Pipes burst and leak, flooded basements, and other water damage situations can cause abnormal mold growth. If your home or place of work has experienced water damage, it’s important to dry the areas completely and keep those areas dry. Simply put, no moisture problems, no mold problems.

Can I get rid of the mold on my own?

At this time, Wisconsin has set no rules or laws regulating the removal or remediation of mold from a structure. Home-owners and business-owners may attempt to remove mold on their own. Wisconsin’s Department of Health Services has available suggestions and information on do-it-yourself methods. However, if a professional solution is either required or preferred, be assured that Kelmann follows our strict industry standard of care when performing remediation. Our standards are high. We are the preferred vendor offering remediation solutions to numerous healthcare facilities including hospitals and nursing homes.

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