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Insurance Claims

There are a lot of uncertainties after a major property disaster. Is your property restorable? Can your on-site valuables be salvaged? Will the insurance company pay for restoration after water damage, fire damage, or storm damage?  What about vandalism?

Fortunately, our highly trained and experienced disaster recovery crew members at Kelmann Restoration can help answer all your questions. When you call us, you can know that the restoration process will be as simple and stress-free for you as possible.

One of the biggest questions many property owners have involves the insurance claims process. Our team members will help you navigate the often-tricky process and they will help ensure that you get the best coverage possible.

Here’s a guide to the insurance claims process. Each insurance provider is different, but most will follow these steps pretty closely:

  1. Submit Your Claim: You will often do this through a specific representative of your insurance provider. This may be done on the internet, over the phone, or through the mail—in every case, you’ll want to make sure to speak to your agent to receive specific instructions.
  2. Assignment of the Property Adjuster: After submitting your claim, a property adjuster will be assigned to your case. The adjuster will visit your property, inspect the damage, and then continue the process of settling your claim.
  3. Look at the Specific Terms of Your Policy: You’ll want to know exactly what your insurance policy says as you go through the process. The policy will often stipulate that the damage be reported as quickly as possible. It will also often list the kinds of damage that will and will not be covered. If you are forced to leave the property during the restoration process, you will also want to carefully track your living expenses while away.
  4. Leave the Rest to Kelmann: No matter how long the insurance claims process takes, Kelmann will be on your side and we will always strive to ensure that your property is restored as quickly as possible so your life can get back to normal. We will work with your provider to help save you time and stress and to ensure that the claim is handled properly.
  5. Payment: Once your property is fully restored, you’ll want to know about billing and which aspects of the restoration will be covered by your insurance provider. In some cases, any payment from the insurance company will be made directly to us, so you don’t have to worry about that portion of the bill.  If not, it is as simple as forwarding over the payment provided by your insurnace companies. If some portions of the damage aren’t covered by insurance, then we will work with you to create an acceptable payment plan.

When you work with Kelmann, you can know that the disaster recovery process will be as stress-free for you as possible. Give us a call right after a disaster, and we will work with you to restore your property!