Quiz: Does My House Really Need to Be Renovated?

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Have you been thinking about remodeling your home for a while? Just haven’t decided whether or not it’s time? Perhaps a certain circumstance has made it so your home is beyond just a few simple repairs. Take Kelmann Restoration’s quiz to discover how big of a priority a home renovation should be for you.

At Kelmann Restoration, we specialize in property damage—repairing homes damaged by water, fire, storms, and mold. We provide 24/7 emergency services and even take on regular home remodeling projects. We can take your 1950s-style home and update it to look like something that belongs in the 21st century. Call us today, and we’ll gladly talk with you about everything that needs to be considered in preparation for your upcoming renovation.

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Resources for You

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Before and after examples of house fire renovations we’ve worked on.
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