Save the Day – and Money – with Proper Contents Cleaning


Picture9Contents are the personal belongings that help make a house a home. Water, fire and smoke damage can affect items that are dear to you.  If spring rain or flooding affects your or a customer’s contents, know that we can help you save the day by restoring as many of your cherished belongings as possible.

Here are some important things to know about contents cleaning:

  • Cleaning damaged contents requires specialty care, not just the type of cleaning that is done by a maid-type cleaning service. Our skilled technicians clean, deodorize and sanitize most household contents that may at first appear  unable to be restored.
  • We use a gentle, ultrasonic cleaning system so that precious keepsakes may be kept rather than lost forever. Items that require cleaning by hand receive special care.
  • Our professionals keep detailed records of all contents. Once items are inventoried, packed out and moved to our spotless, secure facility for storage and restoration, you can be confident that Kelmann will protect personal property until it’s time to be returned.
  • Upholstered furniture, case-goods (wood furniture), electronics, documents, artwork, cherished heirloom items, photographs and photo albums can all be restored by Kelmann Restoration.


When dealing with damaged contents, we suggest :

  • Not cleaning the contents yourself as further, unintentional damage may occur.
  • If water damaged, placing important books and documents in the freezer to prevent mold growth.
  • Placing foil squares or Styrofoam blocks under the legs of furniture in the case of water damage.
  • Taking photos and/or video of the affected contents to share with the insurance company.
  • Resisting the urge to throw anything out! The insurance company will want to see all contents before anything is discarded; not doing so may result in a loss of coverage for that item.
  • Remember: the sooner restoration can begin, the greater the chance that damaged contents can be restored


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