Team Kelmann Priority Program

When disaster strikes, you need a plan.

Your property, your employees and your bottom line depend on it. As a member of Team Kelmann, you know who to call, and we know how to respond. With more than 45 years of industry leadership, Kelmann Restoration is Wisconsin’s full-service disaster cleanup and property renovation company. Our team of local experts will work with you to prepare a specific emergency response strategy before you ever need to use it. Plus, if a widespread catastrophic event hits your area, you receive priority service: fast response and rapid mitigation.

Why should I join Team Kelmann?

We’re your partner in emergency preparedness and disaster relief. Here’s how we work together:

  • No cost membership
  • No obligation or exclusive contract
  • Guaranteed pricing
  • Planning before a disaster occurs
  • Customized emergency response plan
  • Exclusive education opportunities
  • Response all day, every day
  • Industry-leading, award-winning resources

Contact Kelmann and join our no-cost priority emergency response program: 414.774.3799 |

Our Process

When disaster strikes, you can count on Kelmann. Learn more about how we work together.


Team Kelmann

Join our priority program; we’ll create an emergency response plan for your property.



We’ll walk with you through the insurance process, acting as your advocate and partner.