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How to Prevent Pipes From Freezing

Jan 15 2021
According to the Farmer’s Almanac, this year’s Wisconsin winter might be mild. The Almanac predicts a wet though not so snowy season. This is good news for those who hate shoveling snow. However, don’t let the lack of snow make…

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How to Find a Water Leak and What Kelmann Can Do to Help

Nov 23 2020
Many homeowners are unaware of just how destructive water damage can be. Not only does pooling water damage your home’s structural integrity, but it can also produce harmful mold and airborne toxins if left unattended. Unfortunately, there are many sources…

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The Process of Fire Restoration

Oct 09 2020
No one should have to go through the tragedy of losing a home; however, the reality of the situation is that nearly 380,000 residential fires occurred last year alone. As of right now, the Woolsey fires in California have destroyed…

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A Fresh (and Safe!) Start to Fall in Wisconsin / Make a Plan During National Preparedness Month

Sep 01 2020
Happy September, Wisconsin! And happy National Preparedness Month! That's right: a whole month dedicated to family and community disaster planning. It's a project of the Department of Homeland Security. It falls (pun intended) at a time when we're in a "fresh…

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Behind the Scenes: Matterport Technology

Aug 06 2020
Do you ever wonder about what goes into a property restoration project? How do we at Kelmann Restoration "do what we do?" It takes the talents of many dedicated people, the drive to do the best work possible, and the…

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Surviving Summer Storms and Power Outages

Aug 02 2020
High humidity and temperatures bring more than just discomfort this time of year. They bring water damage (and you know who to call for that, right?), broken tree limbs from storms and the inconvenience of the dreaded Power Outage. We've…

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How We’re Staying Safe at Our Charity Golf Outing

Jul 01 2020
The Kelmann Cares Foundation Charity Golf Outing is our first community event in the Covid-19 age. We are thrilled and honored to raise funds for grants and scholarships for local fire and police departments, but are mindful of our golfers' and…

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Wisconsin Summer Safety Tips

Jun 23 2020
We may be celebrating summer in new, quieter, socially-distanced ways this year, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be having fun (while staying safe, of course)! A few favorite summer activities come with slightly elevated risk factors. Kelmann cares about…

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Spring Cleaning in COVID-19

Apr 15 2020
Have you started spring cleaning yet? With COVID-19, many of us find ourselves cleaning our homes to help make sure our living space is a healthy environment. Whether or not you’ve started cleaning, make sure to take these spring cleaning tips to heart.

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Two Easy (and Free!) Ways to Beat Those Remaining Wisconsin Winter Blues

Feb 27 2020
Sure, the weather is showing a few signs of spring, but those of us who have lived in Wisconsin long enough know that winter is likely far from over. After many long, cold months, we're all longing for permanent summer…

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Very satisfied. Very impressed. Kelmann was truly responsive and professional. A rarity these days.

Steve S.

Great company to work with. Bill Hutchinson was our contact. Great guy. Answered emails and his phone promptly. Followed up with us to make sure everything was done to our satisfaction. Great experience.

Warren H.

Thank goodness for Kelmann Restoration! When we had a terrible fire at our house a few years ago Kelmann worked with us, from start to finish, to restore our house to a better-than-ever condition!

Cathy H.

A sewer backup in my house happened just before Christmas. Though the timing couldn’t have been more inopportune, working with Kelmann lifted so much stress away.

Kerstin H.

The Kelmann team were fabulous. When you experience a property loss / damage you are totally in the hands of whomever you choose to help you. We were so fortunate that Kelmann was the company that worked with us.

Alan R.