What to Look for in a Disaster Restoration Company

disaster restoration
In the aftermath of a disaster, choosing a disaster restoration company can be a big decision. You are rightly concerned about recovering valuables and getting your home back to a livable condition. There are also insurance matters to sort out and many costs to consider. In all, the process can be extremely complex and frustrating. Because of all of these things, it is all the more important to research and select a knowledgeable, professional disaster restoration service. There are a lot of disaster cleanup and restoration companies out there and not all of them are going to give you the service you expect and deserve. This is why it is so important to research companies well before a disaster occurs and have a plan ready. Here are a few things to look for during the process.

Prompt Assessment

A quality disaster restoration company should be available to come assess your situation–ideally for free–before committing anything to you or expecting you to commit anything to them. During this assessment, the company should be able to evaluate your individual problem and provide and estimate of time line and cost. You should even be able to describe your problem and get a fairly detailed, prompt response over the phone. Depending on the time of year and disaster, you may have to wait for an assessment, but this is variable. The best thing to do is call, describe your problem, and request a time for an evaluation.

Emergency Response

If you lack the luxury of time to have an assessment done and get a bid, most experienced and professional disaster restoration company offer rapid emergency response services 24/7. This emergency response should cover all of the company’s major services, such as: water damage, fire and smoke damage, flooding, storm damage repairs, mold, and reconstruction. Again, depending on the nature of the emergency and the amount of calls the company has coming in, response time could vary. For businesses, many disaster restoration companies have an emergency priority program for immediate attention in the event of a disaster. Businesses that are members of these programs get priority response. This can be worth looking into as part of your planning if you own a business.

Insurance Claims Assistance

Good disaster restoration companies can help you with the complicated insurance claims process. From advising you on how to handle the individual insurance claim to working directly with your insurance company to help expedite the recovery process, a high quality disaster restoration service offers comprehensive insurance services. This includes helping you navigate the claims process and dealing with the billing on the insurance company end to ensure that your property is restored as fast as possible and you fully understand which costs you are responsible for and which are covered by your insurance policy.

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