Why Vacation to Milwaukee this Summer

Milwaukee, Wisconsin is one of the finest cities in the Midwest–and we’re not just saying that because we’re based in Wisconsin; it truly is! As the largest city in Wisconsin and the 30th most populous in the U.S, Milwaukee boasts a rich heritage and a thriving culture that attracts visitors from all over the country and around the world. From its sports teams and historic neighborhoods to the diverse array of festivals–like the famous Summerfest music festival–that occur throughout the year, Milwaukee is a worthy city to visit anytime, but the warm temperatures and sunny days of the summer season are a particularly good time to visit.

Major Summer Events


Milwaukee is host to hundreds of events throughout the year and dozens of renowned events during the summer months. In fact, some of the city’s best and most popular festivals occur between June and October. Many of these events honor the city’s immigrant history and cultural diversity. German Fest, Polish Fest, Irish Fest, Mexican Fiesta, Festa Italiana, African World Festival, and the always epic Summerfest are some of the best events during this time of the year. The Milwaukee Brewfest also draws a crowd and is right around the corner this month on the 26th of July. Celebrating the brewing traditions of the city, the Milwaukee Brewfest is one of the largest beer festivals in the U.S, and Oktoberfest in September always brings a high turnout. In a brief 3 month period there are enough festivals and city events to make any trip to Milwaukee worthwhile.

History and Culture


No visit to Milwaukee is complete without a sampling of its culture and a look into its deep history. German, Polish, Italian, Greek, and Irish immigrants helped shape Milwaukee today. Throughout the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, immigrants from dozens of European countries descended on Milwaukee to start a new life. Before the waves of European immigration, of course, the territory was inhabited by Menominee, Mascouten, Fox, Potawatomi, and Ojibwe Native American tribes and eventually settled by French missionaries and traders. By the late eighteenth and into the nineteenth century, millions of Germans had emigrated to Milwaukee alone–starting the massive European influx. Today, Milwaukee is a diverse metropolis boasting historical and cultural influences from around the world–though the European influences often shine through in food and drink.

In addition to the varied international cultural fests taking place throughout the summer, events like the Wisconsin state fair, Milwaukee River Challenge, Milwaukee Film Festival, and the Summerfest music festival are all enjoyable summer activities in the city and surrounding suburbs. If you’ve always wanted a reason to visit Milwaukee, there’s no longer any excuse not to with so much to do. With tons of events, friendly people, delicious cuisine, and great weather, summer is the perfect time to vacation to Milwaukee.

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