We Can Restore It: Residential

a broken wooden floor
An unfortunate number of homes are destroyed every year, leaving only destruction and uncertainty for those left to pick up. For over forty years Kelmann Restoration has been working with homeowners to help restore their building back to it’s previous condition. Take a look at just a couple of the residents Kelmann has helped to restore, and a bit about the process behind it.

Home Restoration

Damage caused to a home isn’t just upsetting because of the financial aspect. There are certain things that may have sentimental value that need our attention as well. Because of this, Kelmann is able to restore some of your most valuable items back to their original state, whether that is whole craftsman style kitchen areas, or down to the smaller items placed inside. Trust Kelmann to restore your home back to its former glory.

Apartment Restoration

No job is too large for Kelmann Restoration. This job was done for residential condominiums. We have restored multiple high rise condo buildings downtown, just like this one. Each floor was carefully attended to, restoring what was damaged to the prior condition. Let Kelmann Restoration set your home, apartment, or condominium back in order.



Whether your residence has been damaged by fire, mold, water, or wind you can see it restored back to its former glory. Let Kelmann set things back in order, helping you to find the peace of mind you need. 414-774-3799

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