4 Ways to Prepare for a Power Outage

candle burning in darkness
Power outages, however long, can cause major problems for homeowners. This becomes especially dangerous if the power outage happens in the cold of winter or the extreme heat of summer. To prepare for these extreme weather conditions, as well as the other inconveniences, it is imperative to prepare for a power outage. Follow these four easy tips to help your family be ready should an unexpected power outage happen in your area.




One of the initial concerns with the power outage is keeping the temperature of your fridge and freezer low enough. While a short outage may not be a problem, an extended one can lead to issues, leading to spoiled food. To help protect the food in your freezer for longer, keep your freezer full. This will help keep the food colder longer. If you don’t have a full freezer, consider filling it with frozen milk jugs filled with water or ice packs. Not only will this help you in a power outage, it will also be beneficial to your monthly energy bills.




While candles are a great backup option, in the end they don’t do much for additional lighting. Invest in solar lanterns and flashlights instead. If you do use battery powered options, make sure you have a supply of batteries on hand. The solar power is a great option as it is easy to charge beforehand, and will hold its charge for an extended period.


Have a Cooking Plan


Those who have a gas stove may be able to light it using matches, but don’t necessarily rely on this. For emergency situations like this, have a strong backup plan. A small propane stove generally used for camping is a great option for power outages. Never use this inside the home, instead take this type of cooking on your deck or porch.


Prepare for the Temperature


Make sure you are prepared for the extreme temperatures that may come depending on when the power outage occurs. For winter conditions have warm clothing and blankets on hand. These should be enough to keep you and your family warm should temperatures drop too low. Be prepared to keep a slow drip going from your taps to keep the pipes from freezing as well. During the summer months those with basements should be prepared to sleep downstairs to keep cool.

These four simple tips can help you prepare for unexpected power outages at your home. By taking care of the logistics beforehand, an unexpected power outage will be less stressful and problematic for your family.

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