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After a fire, flood or large storm your home will be a huge mess. It is devastating enough having to experience this kind of disaster let alone having to recover from one. But in order get things back to normal it’s best to pick up the pieces one at a time. We are here to help with your content restoration because we understand the value—both monetary and sentimental—your possessions have.


The sooner you can start working on cleaning up a disaster mess, the less of a chance there is for more damage to be done. In fact, we are available 24/7 to respond to your call so that we can tackle the problem quickly. We start the contents restoration process by evaluating the damage done to your possessions and determining what can be restored and what will need to be replaced. We will determine the methods to use to best reclaim your things.


Our team has experience in cleaning damaged possessions. We have up-to-date technology that allows us to clean even the fragile items. Such items include:
• Electronics like computers, televisions, and video game systems
• Documents and books
• Antiques and heirlooms
• Furniture
• Soft goods like bedding, rugs and pillows

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Insurance Claims

But we don’t just clean your stuff. We want to make sure everything is restored easily and fully. Therefore, we help navigate you through the claims and billing process with your insurance company. Doing this will help you understand what items the insurance policy does or does not cover. For more information on this process see here.

Restoring your home is a big and important job that doesn’t stop with the outside structure. We make sure the contents inside your home are restored too. Picking up the pieces isn’t easy so let us know how we can ease the burden by contacting us here.

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