Kelmann Restoration Wins 6th Phoenix Award!

We’ve done it again! Kelmann Restoration is proud to announce that it is this year’s recipient of the Restoration Industry Association’s (RIA) Phoenix Award for Innovation in Restoration. This is our sixth Phoenix Award.

The award recipient is selected through a rigorous judging and evaluation system established by industry experts. This year, the award was given for our restoration of the 100-year-old copper domed classroom and landmark in a Milwaukee High School.

The Project

Environmental Service manager David Schultz explained, “This project was unique in that it had so many elements. It was a school. It was a historic dome and building. It is an icon in the community.”

To restore this copper dome, the Kelmann Restoration Team had to remove all debris and then inspect the wooden truss system structure. Shultz continued, “The nature of contamination was both extreme and abundant. The project was sensitive due to those issues.”

The team had to be creative and efficient in removing all the harmful debris while protecting the workers. The most effective method for removal the team decided on was dry-ice blasting the wooden beams. Not only did they face that challenge but also they had to complete the project before school was back in session.

Kelmann is Here for You

Winning our sixth Phoenix Award is proof that we are committed to performing the best in restoration services. Whether it’s a complex century-old dome or a small repair in a home, we’re here to do it the best. Contact us to let us know how we can serve you.

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