Why Visit Milwaukee This Fall


The summer months are winding down—kids are back in school and the sunny days are getting shorter. This might lead you to believe that it’s time to settle down and prepare for winter. However, we’re here to tell you, Milwaukee is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the fall. So here are three reasons why you should get out this autumn to visit Milwaukee.

Changing Colors

As the weather begins to cool off the leaves on the trees change from green to red, yellow and orange. The city and surrounding neighborhoods take on a new look with the new colors. You can see these leaves up close if you take a bike ride on the wooded portions of the Oak Leaf Trail. But this is just one suggestion of the 130 miles of bike trails in Milwaukee. To get updates on the changing leaves visit Wisconsin’s Fall Color Report.


Milwaukee is known for its many festivals. Some of the festivals this fall include Oktoberfest, 10 Days in Tosa, Harvest Fair/World Beef Expo and our Veterans Day Parade. You won’t want to miss the food, drink and celebrations these festivities bring. These are just a few of the events the city puts on. To see a complete list visit here.


Autumn comes with perfect, pleasant weather that gives you the change to get outside. Once winter arrives, it is much too cold to get out so now is your chance. Play a round of golf at Milwaukee’s famous golf courses including Brown Deer Golf Course, The Bog and Erin Hills. Run or hike the Lakeshore State Park Loop to take in the beautiful scenery of Milwaukee.

Why not take one more trip before the winter sets in? Milwaukee is a beautiful place in the fall with plenty of activities to do. With the changing colors and nice weather you’ll be able to experience it like never before. We love it here and know you would too!

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