Is Your Turkey On Fire!

a woman burning a turkey

Thanksgiving is around the corner. Stress rises with an increasing amount of pressure to cook the perfect Thanksgiving meal. As you simultaneously cook all the dishes for this wonderful meal, you forget about the Turkey in the oven! Is it on fire? No. Because you followed these tips on how to cook the perfect turkey.

Don’t Burn Your Bird

Before cooking your turkey in the oven, calibrate it. Your oven could roast at a much higher temperature than you think. Purchase an oven thermometer to know the exact temperature your oven roasts at. Don’t rely on the “Turkey Popup” to tell you when the turkey is done. They aren’t as reliable as meat thermometers.

Roast your turkey on a lower temperature. Start at 375 F to 400 F for the first couple of hours, then crank it up to 425 F toward the end of roasting to get a nice crispy golden brown turkey.

Baste like you mean it. Basing not only keeps it flavorful, it also helps to give an even browning.

Set timers everywhere. Enjoying family company is a must during the holidays, but forgetting your turkey is a bust! Have multiple people in your family set alarms on their phones to make sure your sweet meat isn’t left alone.

Timing Is Everything

Here are a couple of helpful apps that will make cooking a lot easier:

  • KitchenPad Timer ($2) – Sync everything together with this app as you cook different things at the same time!


  • Time to Roast ($2) – This app will help you roast any meat for your meal.


  • If your hands are all tied up or messy, use the Wave Timer (Free). A hands free kitchen timer to turn off the alarm with the wave of your hand.

on the phone in the kitchen

  • You can even go here for a Turkey Calculator. Entering the weight, stuffed or non-stuffed and it gives you the temperature to preheat your oven on and how long to cook it.

However you cook your turkey, always remember to be safe and have a fire extinguisher nearby, and never leave it unattended. Safety always comes first to help the holidays start in the best way possible. If you find yourself in need of fire or smoke damage services, don’t hesitate to contact Kelmann Restoration.

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