Downtown Milwaukee Fire Restoration

A panorama of the fixed office space
One Sunday morning, the owner of a historic downtown Milwaukee building stopped by his property. The companies occupying the building’s office spaces were closed for the weekend. While walking through, the owner heard what sounded like dripping water.

As he proceeded through the building to inspect, he found water pouring through the ceiling of the first floor. He quickly contacted his property manager to set their Emergency Response Plan with Kelmann Restoration in motion. As a member of Team Kelmann, the property manager knew what to expect ahead of time and knew that Kelmann was familiar with his property, insurance information, and other specifics. In no time, a Kelmann first responder and crew was on site extracting water and performing emergency services.

The Extent of the Water Damage

The source of the water loss was determined as the two-inch water line that fed cooling units. It had ruptured sometime after the building closed on Friday and Sunday morning when the building owner stopped by. As a result, water had saturated several levels of ceiling, drywall, and insulation; the main conference room and office space; hallway and office carpet; two bathrooms with plaster and tile overlay; electrical on several floors; furniture; and contents.

Collage of before water damage in an office space to a beautifully restored office building

How We Fixed the Problem

Kelmann Restoration knew their customer’s priority was to minimize inconvenience to their tenant and to provide a quick turnaround on repairs on his historically-renovated building. Minimizing business interruption is always Kelmann’s top priority and this job was treated no differently. Our goal was to dry the saturated areas using containments that were easily accessible for the tenant to pass through, so as to not to disrupt their daily activities and to complete a rebuild in a timely fashion to restore use of their main conference room, office, and restrooms again. Kelmann worked with the owner and tenant to set a realistic completion date to get the tenant back up and running in their space, and that goal was satisfactorily reached on time.

Need an Emergency Plan?

If you are interested in creating a customized Emergency Response Plan with Kelmann Restoration, contact us to learn more. Email or call 414-774-3799 any time. Plan ahead, save time, and rest assured with Team Kelmann.

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