Milwaukee Front Porch Restoration

It happens more than you might think; maybe it has even happened to you. A car crashes through your garage or part of your home. In the case of this south side Milwaukee home, a car crashed into a front porch.

What Happened

A car crashed into a homeowner’s front porch, causing total destruction on the home’s exterior as well as significant damage to the interior.

What Kelmann Did

Kelmann Restoration team members met with the homeowners to determine budget, materials and design. We began by demolishing the existing porch, where we ran into a common problem: asbestos. After working with a specialized team to handle the asbestos abatement, we completed the demolition and were able to begin reconstruction. This included reframing the entire structure as well as a re-engineering of the exterior electrical system. The result? A beautiful, better-than-before front porch that was true to the original style of the home while being updated with the latest materials and design styles. 

Want to Learn More?

Kelmann Restoration is an award-winning remodeling company. We see your project through from start to finish – from mitigation of the initial property disaster all the way through to the full remodel. Learn more about our process and see other before and after photos, and give us a call any time: 414-774-3799.

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