Waukesha Dishwasher Fire and Remodel

Would you believe that this kitchen…

Waukesha Dishwasher Fire Kitchen After

used to look like this?

Waukesha Dishwasher Fire Kitchen Before

What Happened?

A classic cleanup routine took an unfortunate turn for this Waukesha, Wisconsin, family, when their dishwasher caught fire.

Waukesha Dishwasher Fire Kitchen Before

Waukesha Dishwasher Fire Kitchen Before

The immediate damage was, of course, in the kitchen – the site of the fire. But heavy smoke caused the disaster to spread throughout the entire home. The water that was used to extinguish the fire also caused extensive water damage in the kitchen and basement.

What We Did

Thankfully, the homeowners called Kelmann.

Our mitigation team was the first to arrive on site. We demo-ed the kitchen and completed an initial cleaning of the the other rooms in the home with the most damage.

Waukesha Dishwasher Fire Kitchen After

Waukesha Dishwasher Fire Kitchen After

The homeowners were faced with a hefty remodeling project, so made the best of a bad situation and decided to give their home a modern facelift. They worked with the Kelmann Restoration remodeling team to discuss design elements they wanted, and were left with a home that felt truly like themselves.

Want to Learn More?

Kelmann Restoration is an award-winning remodeling company. We see your project through from start to finish – from mitigation of the initial property disaster all the way through to the full remodel. Learn more about our process and see other before and after photos, and give us a call any time: 414-774-3799.

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