How To Protect Your Milwaukee Home From Flood Damage

Protecting Your Milwaukee Home From Flood Damage

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), floods that produce just one inch of water can cost homeowners up to $25,000 in losses. While insurance may cover most flood damage costs, many homes contain items of value that can never be replaced. Because of this and the inclement weather conditions that occur from fall to spring in Milwaukee, it isn’t a bad idea to flood-proof your home. If you’re looking to reduce the risks of potential damage to the foundation of your home and valuables, we can help! Keep reading for tips on how to protect your Milwaukee home from flood damage.

Steps for Flood-Proofing Your Home

The most effective way to protect your Milwaukee home from flood damage is to thoroughly maintain the condition of your property. There are specific areas that homeowners should have inspected on a regular basis to ensure that damages haven’t accumulated without their knowledge. If inspections are performed and issues are properly addressed, the risks of flood damage will be greatly reduced. Here are the most important areas to maintain:


One of the most common areas where flooding occurs in Milwaukee is in the basement. This is often due to cracks in the foundation or floor slabs. Resealing the basement by painting over potentially vulnerable areas with water sealant can help to prevent water damage.

If you notice water in your basement after heavy rainfalls it may also be due to improper drainage systems around the exterior of your home. See #3 below for more information.

Depending on your sewage system, it may also be necessary to have a backwater valve installed. A plumber can inspect your system and let you know if a replacement or installation is necessary.

Indoor Plumbing Systems

Make sure to perform yearly inspections on your appliance hoses, faucets, showers, and tubs. Hoses leading to water heaters, dishwashers, washing machines, ice makers, and refrigerators are a leading cause of mysterious water leaks in the home. If you notice a crack or leak replace the hose immediately. In general, all hoses should be replaced every five to seven years. 

Additionally, make sure you know where the main water shut-off valve is located in your home. This will allow you to take immediate action if a damaged pipe or hose causes flooding in your home.

Having a plumber check your plumbing and heating pipes for leaks and cracks on a yearly basis will allow you to address issues before real problems occur. It’s best to do this at the end of the summer to ensure you are adequately protected moving into the colder months.

Exterior Protective Elements of the Home

It’s essential that the exterior of your home is equipped to direct water from flowing toward or seeping into your home. As long as all of the necessary systems are working properly, you should not have to worry about flood damage resulting from weather conditions. The most important exterior areas of your home to regularly inspect and keep in good condition are:

  • Windows. Make sure they are efficiently caulked and sealed.
  • Gutters. Gutter guards should be installed to prevent clogs and allow water to keep flowing away from the house.
  • Downspouts. Make sure all debris is removed in downspouts and rain gutters and that the downspouts are positioned to direct water away from the house.
  • Roof. Have your roof inspected regularly for missing or damaged shingles.

Addressing Water Damage & Insurance

If you have flood damage in your Milwaukee home and need emergency assistance, Kelmann Restoration is here to help. We will perform a thorough inspection of your property for water damage and help you determine the best next steps based on its condition. Homeowners and renters insurance provides coverage for certain types of water damage, but each policy is different. We can help you navigate this with your insurance company to ensure you get as much support as possible. 

Flood damage can present serious risks to the health and safety of those residing in your Milwaukee home. Call Kelmann ASAP for emergency flood damage restoration.

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