Contents Restoration

When disaster strikes, we restore more than just your property. We restore your most cherished possessions.

When disaster strikes Wisconsin, the Kelmann Restoration team is ready to get your property back to better than pre-loss condition. Our Contents Restoration department protects the things found inside your home or business that may have been damaged in a flood or fire. At the Kelmann Restoration Contents Processing Center, our team of experts brings the items you care most about back to life. Even fragile objects, like electronics, photos and heirlooms, may be completely restored. We accomplish this by hand-cleaning the most fragile items, and using the latest technologies, specialized chemicals and equipment to restore the rest. By the time we’re through, even your most damaged valuables can be returned to you in great condition. 

We can restore:

  • Furniture
  • Books
  • Documents
  • Heirlooms
  • Photos
  • Electronics
  • and more…

So, what happens now?

When you begin working with Kelmann Restoration, you will be assigned a Project Manager. The Contents Restoration team will coordinate with your PM to help you through this special process:

  1. Contents Review
    We work together to take an initial inventory of everything in your property. We make two lists: salvageable and loss disposal.
  2. Pack Out
    The salvageable items are packed and brought to our Contents Processing Center in New Berlin.
  3. Inventory
    Our digital inventory tracking system allows us to keep perfect records of your possessions. Every item is assigned its own QR code.
  4. Cleaning and Deodorizing
    Items are cleaned using the latest materials and technologies. Once repairs have been made, the items are stored in our secure, climate controlled storage facility.
  5. Contents Return
    One all repairs are completed, your items are returned to you.

Once you make the initial call, the Kelmann process kicks in:

  • One of our Team Coordinators will be assigned to your project. Your Team Coordinator will be your go-to person if you ever have questions or need to get in touch with other Kelmann team members.
  • Your Team Coordinator will assign you to a Project Manager and a Project Estimator, who will come to your property and work with you to build a project scope, taking into account your wishes and what might be possible for the property.
  • The customer approves the contract and the Project Manager will discuss all specifics with you, including a schedule for construction and ordering materials.

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Our Process

When disaster strikes, you can count on Kelmann. Learn more about how we work together.


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I was very pleased with the service and quality of work provided by Kelmann on my recent laundry room remodeling project… I would definitely recommend Kelmann for their quality workmanship, service and personnel.

Helen S.

Thank goodness for Kelmann Restoration! When we had a terrible fire at our house a few years ago Kelmann worked with us, from start to finish, to restore our house to a better-than-ever condition!

Cathy H.

Very satisfied. Very impressed. Kelmann was truly responsive and professional. A rarity these days.

Steve S.

Any organization could benefit from having Kelmann Restoration as part of their emergency response plan. Kelmann Restoration has helped our organization on a number of occasions with problems.

Business Manager, Wisconsin School District

A sewer backup in my house happened just before Christmas. Though the timing couldn’t have been more inopportune, working with Kelmann lifted so much stress away.

Kerstin H.