Kelmann Restoration Wins 5th Phoenix Award!

Kelmann Restoration is proud to announce that it is this year’s recipient of the Restoration Industry Association’s (RIA) Phoenix Award for Innovation in Restoration! This is Kelmann’s fifth time winning the award.

Best in the nation

The award recipient is selected through a rigorous judging and evaluation system established by industry experts. This year, the award was given for our restoration of the Saint Alphonsus Church in Greendale, Wisconsin.

Restoring an important religious and educational landmark

When fires and floods wreak havoc on homes and buildings, Kelmann is there to help. When we received a call shortly before Christmas of 2011 asking for assistance restoring the church after a devastating fire, our restoration team sprang into action.

The restoration proved to be complex for several reasons. The fire affected multiple levels of the combined church and school. Furthermore, we had a deadline—the restoration needed to be completed by the end of Christmas Break (about two weeks away) when the students would be returning to their classes.

In spite of the difficulty and complexity of the project, our team was more than up to the challenge. We used all our knowledge and experience to thoroughly clean, sanitize, and paint the building—and we completed the project in time for the start of classes.

Kelmann is here for you

Our five Phoenix Awards are proof of our commitment to giving the highest quality restoration services possible. Whether it’s a complex church restoration project or a small home repair, Kelmann always does it best.

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