Recommended Guides For Survival and Preparedness

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After being attacked by both category 1 and 3 hurricanes within the last ten years (Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Katrina), being efficiently prepared for a natural disaster is becoming increasingly critical. Luckily, both government and informational websites provide effective and condensed information to help families and individuals prepare themselves for any type of disaster.

The Bible For Natural Disasters

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The government’s Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) provides the most fundamental preparedness guide on their website, The site takes you through the essential steps it takes to be informed and ready for any type of natural disaster.

  1. Be Informed
  • All information on any natural disaster can found under this tab, including what to do before, during and after that specific calamity.
  • Several detailed bits of information can also be found such as: different warning systems and signals, technological and accidental hazards, how to make or find shelter and how to recover from a disaster.
  1. Make A Plan
  • This tab informs how to prepare, plan and stay informed for emergencies.
  • FEMA provides a downloadable Family Emergency Plan document to email to family and friends.
  • Includes a list of considerations for how to care for the needs of certain family members or neighbors.
  • Different ideas for family “meet up” locations.
  1. Build A Kit
  • Recommended items to put into your disaster preparedness kit and how to maintain it.
  1. Get Involved
  • Information to help you find opportunities to support community preparedness.
  • How to prepare your community and various volunteer opportunities.
  1. Business & Kids
  • FEMA also provides information including how to plan and protect your business, and different games and activities for your children.

The Ultimate Guide For 72 Hour Kits

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The City and County of San Francisco provide a website that is easy to navigate and gives quick access to disaster preparedness information. consists of icons providing all information one would need to be prepared for in an emergency situation. The column on the left of the page includes the information from any icon that you may click on. The tabs, Make A Plan, Build A Kit and Get Involved, will light up the icons pertaining to that topic, granting you quick access to effective information.

Taking Preparedness To The Next Level

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If you’re looking for effective family survival information go to This site kicks preparedness and survival up a notch. They provide information for extreme survival situations and take it beyond the 72-hour kit. Their navigation bar is located at the very top of the page and includes: Food Storage Basics, Survival Basics, Survival Skills, Self Reliance, Food Preservation and they even sell survival supplies and food storage items. No doubt will this website save you in any type of disaster.

Kelmann Restoration also provides various steps and tips to help protect your home in various emergency situations. The offer specific emergency preparedness tips if your home has experienced water damage, safe ways to clean up sewage and floods or fire and smoke, and lastly how to recover from mold damage.

Any of these websites can easily provide yourself and your family with tips and tricks to be successfully safe and comfortable during any natural disaster. With thunderstorms and tornado season just around the corner, make sure to build emergency kits and organize a plan for your family.

Additionally, don’t hesitate to call on Kelmann Restoration if damage ever comes to your home as a result of a natural disaster. You can check out our emergency services here.

By Jessica Doucette

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