Are You Prepared for a Blizzard?

people standing in a blizzard

The transition from fall to winter can often be a quick one. Before you know it snow is blowing and you are digging your car out. With the changing of the seasons it is worth thinking about how prepared you are for a blizzard. The effects of blizzards can range from sustained below freezing temperatures to massive accumulations of snow over a short period of time, or all of the above. Proper blizzard preparation comes down to being able to handle anything. After the storm passes there may be lingering effects and damages that you will need to address. Blizzard preparation, therefore, requires a broad level of planning to comprehensively confront a range of potential problems.

Ice Melt and Shovels

shoveling snow outsideThese two items may become your best friends during a severe blizzard. While they may not resolve serious problems resulting from the storm conditions, they can make life a little easier. Get some durable, lightweight plastic shovels and stock up on ice melt. You can dig the snow out fairly easily but ice is another monster. The key to managing a blizzard and its aftermath and succombing to the inconvenience lies in addressing problems early on. This means laying down ice melt early and regularly during the storm and periodically shoveling snow away from your house and off the driveway. This is a relatively simple action to take during a blizzard but can save a lot of headache in the long run. If you have a snowblower, even better, but keep some shovels on hand for good measure.

Insulate Pipes and Openings

This is more of a general seasonal precaution to take during the winter since below freezing temperatures can lead to burst pipes under the right conditions. Protecting your pipes is a good idea anyway during cold weather, so make life easier and cover them with some insulating foam. Severe storms necessitate preparations like this since temperatures can drop to dangerous levels and vital components in your home can become compromised in this kind of extreme cold. Similarly, checking your home for leaks and openings around doors and windows is worthwhile before a blizzard strikes. These sort of fixes will better insulate your home and save on heating costs. During a snowstorm you want both.

Stock up on Supplies

canned goods

You are surely familiar with the frantic trips to the grocery store to hoard provisions in the anticipation of a calamitous event. Well, this should be you, though perhaps without the frantic temperament. Consider stocking up on essential provisions if a blizzard is in the forecast. Canned and packaged goods, bottled water, medical supplies, batteries, and other essential living supplies are good to have in storage in your home. If you can’t get out of your driveway and the roads are blocked, it will be a lot more convenient to have some essential living supplies on hand to see you through. Usually things aren’t that dire and you can still make it to the grocery store, but preparation is always best and you may just be better off staying inside until the roads clear anyway.


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