How to Protect your Home from Harsh Winter Weather

As polar conditions continue to make their way across the mid-west and northeast, Wisconsin is one of the hardest hit when it comes to winter storm Hercules.  Even though Hercules has definitely made its mark, records have not yet been broken. Let’s take a look at some of the worst winters in Wisconsin history and how you can combat these harsh conditions in your home and on the road.

Kelmann DKI Infographic

Kelmann Restoration DKI is your local Disaster Kleenup International representative and stands ready to help no matter the emergency.

They have seen everything from fire to extreme winter weather conditions we are now experiencing. Check out their quick and easy tips and tricks for protecting yourself and your home from the “polar vortex” that continues to threaten Wisconsin.

When you are on the road:

1. Be sure to keep your car’s gas tank at least 3/4  full at all times, you never know when you will be stuck due to accidents or other winter conditions and running out of gas can bring great complications to an already bad situation.

Remember the following tips at home:

2. Space heaters can be very helpful and effective, they can also be dangerous. Keep them away from loose clothing, furniture or any other materials that may easily catch fire. Turn all space heaters off when leaving the house or retiring for the evening.

3.  Overloaded electrical sockets can also be a real fire hazard when cold weather is wreaking havoc. Using multiple space heaters, hair dryers, etc. can quickly overheat the sockets and cause fires.

4.  Lastly, in order to keep your home safe be sure to keep a preparedness kit on hand which should include:

– Extra Batteries

– Matches/Lighters

– Candles (or Other non-electric light sources, i.e. Flashlights)

– Battery powered weather radio

– Blankets

– First aid

– Non- Perishable Food

– Water

– Fire Extinguisher

– Shovel

5. Also, be sure to run warm water frequently to keep the pipes from freezing. If  you got the memo too late and your pipes are already frozen you can call the professionals (Kelmann DKI) or warm the pipes using a blow drier for a short period of time or heating a washcloth and wrapping it around the frozen section. Be sure to stay near when you are thawing pipes so as not to cause fire or other accident

When it comes to your own body, be sure to keep an eye out for winter weather hazards:

6. Recognize the signs of frostbite. Frostbite can occur within 15 minutes in temperatures of -20 or below.  Signs include: white skin and loss of feeling in extremities.

7. Overexertion can also be quite dangerous. The heart is required to pump harder to keep your body warm and overexertion can lead to heart conditions or, in extreme cases, death.

These are of course just a few of many things you can do to keep your home and family safe during one of the worst winters in decades. Also be sure to keep your cell phone fully charged and extra clothing, food and blankets in your car when travelling because you never know when the next storm will hit.

Kelmann has dealt with everything from cold weather disasters to fire restoration. Call them to get more information on protecting or restoring your home once damage has occurred and remember to stay warm and dry this season.



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