Wisconsin Disaster Resources


Disaster preparation entails taking a lot of different steps. The first, however, should be familiarizing yourself with the resources available in your area. Disasters are a regional concern first and foremost and every region faces unique risks and has different responses and resources. Throughout Wisconsin, severe storm and flooding are a big concern throughout the year. What’s more, even during your preparation, you may not realize that there are numerous resources available before and after a disaster and a lot of detailed information to help you better plan. Here is a look at some of the top resources available for the state of Wisconsin.

Emergency Management


This is a comprehensive resource for information specific to Wisconsin. Everything from the current disaster situation, mitigation, preparedness, direct response, and recovery are featured here. For a general list of local information related to a variety of disasters, this is a good resource and an excellent starting point for investigating regional responses.



The Federal Emergency Management Agency has an exhaustive amount of information on disaster preparedness, recovery, and current alerts on disasters and weather conditions by state. If you are interested in planning for a disaster and educating yourself on a variety of disaster related subjects, the FEMA website is a great place to start.

Wisconsin Department of Health


The Health Department for the state of Wisconsin has online resources for addressing disasters from a public health standpoint. From preparing an emergency kit and tips for general health and safety to information on volunteering and a huge range of emergency disaster situations, this is a comprehensive resource for planning and preparing for any disaster.

Wisconsin Commissioner of Insurance


For insurance related information for residents of Wisconsin, this site has a lot of good information for businesses, workers, and seniors. If you are planning for a disaster and are concerned about insurance matters, this is a good resource to begin familiarizing yourself with the process of coverage and policy decisions.



This is a general, one stop resource for everything disaster related. Planning, emergency kits, resources for businesses and kids, shelter information, and evacuation and recovery are just some of the things covered on this site. For detailed instructions, checklists, and numerous links to state resources, this is a great site to check out when researching and preparing for any type of disaster.

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