4 Step Spring Sprinkler Checklist

green grass and a sprinkler spraying water
After your sprinklers have been in hibernation during the winter, it’s a good idea to verify that everything is in good working order before proceeding. Follow these steps when starting up your sprinkler system to ensure it is done right and no problems will arise down the road such as basement flooding. Keep your lawn looking healthy all year long by paying attention to these issues.

1. Is it Really Spring?

Spring is one of those seasons that at times seems like it just can’t make up its mind. One minute the sun will be shining, bringing warmth and flowers sprouting forth while the next cold winds bring snow rolling back across our yards. Make sure before you turn your sprinklers on that spring has really come. Turning on your sprinklers too soon will cause frozen pipes, which can be the result of deeper problems.

2. Start the Flow

Hopefully you closed the main valve during the fall season to prevent water from freezing in critical places. Now is the time to open this slowly to fill the pipes with water at a gradual pace. Opening these too fast may result in the main lines being filled too quickly, causing them to crack and burst.

3. Look for Problems

Go through each line and make sure it is functioning correctly by managing it through the control box. There should be a function that allows you to change each line manually to give you the time to check all in a row. It is helpful to have two people testing, one switching the lines while the other is checking as they come on. Make sure to examine each individual sprinkler head and ensure it is functioning as it should with no visible problems. Invest in the tools to mend the sprinkler head just in case damage has occurred.

4. Program

Once you’ve verified that all your sprinklers are working properly, it is time to reprogram them for automatic watering. Make sure to have them working at optimal times to get the most from this function. For most cases, you can set the water for less during the cooler spring months and then increase the amount used later as it gets hotter. Watering your lawn during the night or in the early morning will be the most beneficial, and will save you on watering costs.

little girl running through a sprinkler

When it comes to your sprinklers, make sure everything is functioning as it should this spring. Follow this checklist to prepare yourself for possible damage, avoiding the problems that may occur. By doing this before starting out, you will keep these systems running smoothly, detecting issues before they can ruin your yard and home with flood damage.

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