Preparing a Disaster Kit with Your Kids

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Preparing a disaster kit is a well known way to ensure overall preparation for emergency situations. If you have children, instilling the importance of planning for disasters and putting together an emergency kit is a positive practice to encourage awareness and preparation. Organizing an emergency preparedness kit is an entire family affair since you want to ensure that everyone’s needs are covered through the contents of the kit. Taking the time to plan the contents of the kits with your kids is an effective way of ensuring that all of the essentials are included and that your kids are actively involved in the preparation process. This makes for a more holistic approach to disaster preparation.

first aid kit

Disaster kits should contain survival essentials like food, water, first aid kits, medication, flashlights, blankets, and communication devices for several days. They should also contain personal items, especially for children. Children need consoling in emergency situations and making a point to include a favorite toy or item of comfort can be a great way to help your kids cope better with a difficult situation. Disaster kits can be as large or small as you deem necessary. Having multiple kits can be a good idea as well. A larger, more comprehensive kit in the home and a smaller, portable kit in your vehicle is a good way to remain prepared for a disaster no matter where you are.

When putting a disaster kit together, make the process a fun planning experience for your kids. Keeping the emergency planning process a positive endeavor will help you avoid some of the negativity explaining disasters to younger kids. It is important to be open with your kids about disasters, but maintain an enjoyable, positive outlook when putting together a disaster kit with kids. Preparation can be more comprehensive and effective when it is a collaborative effort. When building an emergency kit, involve the entire family.

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