Best DIY Home Remodeling Projects

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Remodeling part of your home can seem like a daunting prospect. Thinking about the thousands of dollars spent and the construction site that your home will become can be an unpleasant scenario. DIY projects, however, don’t have to be this daunting. There are numerous ways to improve the look and function of your home, add more space, or just redesign without having to undertake extravagant demolition construction projects.

Small or medium sized projects like finishing a room or basement, building an outdoor patio, putting on a new fence, or just replacing fixtures can all be aesthetic and functional DIY projects that add to your home and don’t cost a fortune. Investing in tools and materials and dedicating the time to the project can seem overwhelming, but you can still save thousands of dollars in labor costs taking on some of these projects yourself. Here are a few top DIY home remodeling projects to consider.

Expand a Room

attic room

Opening up and expanding rooms is a great way to create space and add a fresh aesthetic to your home. Compartmentalized rooms can often be expanded by taking out a wall or creating a small opening to offer increased lighting, better air circulation or the illusion of more space. Removing separating walls between two rooms can merge the spaces and add a much needed element of integration, such as between a kitchen and dining room.

Re-purpose Spaces

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This is a great cost-saving way of utilizing an underused or misused space. Since this doesn’t have to involve any demolition or construction work, re-purposing can be an easy and efficient way to free up space and give a space some new purpose. If you were using a room primarily for one purpose, such as storage, consider dedicating it to another more functional use. Often, homes have a lot of unused space where there may be potential for expansion of adding improved functionality such as the creation of an office, lounge, or a guest bedroom.

Finish a Basement

basement pool room

This is a classic home remodeling project. If you have a basement that is deep and spacious enough to finish, this may be a worthy undertaking to create space and add value. Depending on the size and completeness of your basement, this may not be a small project in scope, but you can easily break up the project into smaller portions. One stage may simply involve adding or finishing a bathroom, or another may involve insulating and finishing drywall in the basement. If you divide the project up into smaller parts, it may not seem a daunting and you can better set priorities in the work.

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