Fall Yard Maintenance

raking a yard in the fall
Fall is well underway, if you haven’t started worrying about the maintenance problems around your yard, now is the time to start. Pay special attention to the items here, as they will be instrumental in keeping your home functioning during the winter and into the following spring months. Make these changes now before a problem arises, leading to more expensive repairs and solutions.


The Lawn


As the weather starts to cool, the need for mowing and watering your lawn diminishes. Before you stop the maintenance, it is important to fertilize one last time. This will help keep your ground healthy and growing even during the winter months. After the final mowing, be sure to remove the leaves of fall from the ground to prevent your grass from dying.


The lawn itself isn’t the only thing that needs to be prepared for fall. Your lawn mower must be properly stored to ensure it will be ready to go in the late spring. Run your mower out of gas before you store it for the next couple of months or add fuel stabilizer to the mix. This will reduce many of the problems that can come from this long period of disuse.




If you live in an area where temperatures drop low, freezing hoses and water sources can be one of the most damaging problems to your home. Detach the garden hose from your faucets and store these in the garage. Not only will leaving them attached damage the hose, it can cause water to back up and freeze in the pipes, causing a much more expensive problem. In addition to this, taking care of your sprinkler system is crucial as well. Prevent frozen pipes and damaged lines by blowing them out and shutting off the control system. Shut down the main valve to prevent any chance of water entering during the cold season.


Clear Gutters


Your gutters are the primary means of directing water off your roof away from the foundation of your home. Make sure to clean these out during the fall to better prepare. Over the course of summer and fall, gutters will accumulate leaves, dirt, and other debris. Without clearing the junk, the gutters will not function as they should, directing water damage instead to the foundation of your home.


Check The Roof

While chances are your roof is still in great shape, it doesn’t hurt to check it. Make sure there are no damaged shingles, spots of rust, or other noticeable signs of trouble. If you do see any of these problems, it may be necessary to take a deeper look to make the fix before fall is over.

Examine your home before fall is over. Some of these ongoing tasks must be done a few times before the winter hits. Make sure your home is ready to handle any changes in the weather, ensuring as little damage is sustained.

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