Preventing Snow Damage

A white Christmas no matter how magical can mean damage to your home. Heavy snowfall and ice both have the potential to be damaging, bringing destruction to your roof and gutters. When these storms start, make sure you can prevent snow damage from happening to your residence.

Examine Your Gutters


Depending on how old your gutters are, they may not be properly secured. Older gutters could be fastened into place with periodic large spikes. While this will be fine in directing rain off your home, the heavy snows of winter will weigh it down, pulling the gutters away from your roof. Ensure your gutters are properly secured onto the the roof, periodically checking for snow damage.

Roof Rake

a man using a roof rake to get snow off of his roof

For those areas that experience abnormal amounts of snowfall, a roof rake can be used to remove snow from the roof. For those areas in the Midwest that experience heavy snowfall during this season, a roof rake may be essential. This will take much of the weight off the roof, and can prevent ice dams from occurring as the snow begins to melt. Make sure while using the roof rake you are careful around the gutters, avoiding damage to them.

Avoid Roof Collapse

Your roof is built to protect your home, but it can only do so much. Feet and feet of snow can eventually lead to its collapse. While this will most likely only happen in extreme cases, it is best to be prepared. During the wintertime when your roof has snow, pay special attention when opening your doors or windows. If this is difficult to do, the frames may have become warped from the pressure caused by the additional weight of the snow. In addition to this, popping or creaking sounds may be attributed to damage done to your roof. It is better to be safe than sorry, remove the snow from your roof when it reaches a few feet to prevent damage.

Any time you remove snow from your roof, it is important to ensure your own safety. Be cautious when moving the snow off, protecting yourself from the fall of snow to follow. It is better to take care of the snow on your roof a little at a time rather than all at once to protect from damage.

You can prevent snow damage to your home, even in the most heavily affected areas. Be cautious, ensuring beforehand that your roof is undamaged and able to withstand even the toughest blizzards.

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