Signs of Water Damage in Your Home

Kelmann-Signs of Water Damage in Your Home

Whether through a flood, storm, burst pipe, or other means, water damage in the home can lead to even greater problems. It is essential that this is attended to as soon as possible to prevent costly repairs in the future. Know the signs of water damage, whether you are moving into a home new to you, or noticing these problems with the home you currently live in.

Water Stains

This is possibly the most obvious sign that you will find. Look for water stains on the ceilings and walls. If you have a leak in the roof this can be present on your upper levels, however it is very common to have these leaks from bathrooms and kitchens. If you notice these water stains, find where they are coming from, and determine how serious it is.

Swelling Walls

If the wood or drywall of your walls begins to swell and buckle, you know you’ve got a serious problem. If the problem gets so bad that you can see the buckling, your walls have absorbed quite a bit of water. This can happen from a number of different sources whether slowly over time as a result of a minor leak, or all at once following an intense storm.

The Smell

Even if you can’t see water damage, you may still be able to smell it. If a room in your home has a strong smell of mildew and mold the damage may be present inside the walls. While many older homes will have a slight scent, the rooms where water damage has been done will have a stronger one. Don’t ignore these signs, make the changes to protect your home.


If you have a feeling that there is a leak in your home, the easiest way to find it may be to stop and listen. Do this when it rains, first turning off all appliances in your home to make it quiet. Go to the area you think the leak is occurring and just listen. You will hear a difference between water simply landing on your roof and water dripping through your roof.

Identify water damage before it can ruin your home. Finding the leak before it can turn into a serious problem is imperative. If you do discover water or storm damage in your home, get the problem attending to as quickly as possible.

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