The Process of Fire Damage Restoration

The Process of Fire Damage Restoration

After a fire, it’s time to start thinking about the restoration process. The idea can seem daunting to some, especially when extensive damage has been done. While you may think your home can’t be restored to its previous condition, the truth is it can be the same. Check out the process behind fire damage restoration, and what you need to know.


The Lasting Damage of a Fire

Roof on fire

Once the flames have been put out, there’s still the damage to deal with, from the actual flames to the smoke. Even if your home isn’t a complete loss and can be restored, the damage will likely require the help of a professional. Before even entering your home again, verify with firefighters or other authorities that it is safe to enter.

Even if your home was only affected in a small section, the smell from smoke damage can permeate the area heavily. DIY fire and smoke damage restoration processes may not be enough, especially as the damage gets more extensive.


Professional Disaster Restoration Service


Having professionals take care of your disaster restoration means you’ll have someone there who has dealt with similar situations. They have experience with restoring a home or doing a complete rebuild, and can determine what you need. To restore your home, Kelmann will:


  • Remove the items that have been affected by fire.
  • While emergency professionals are trying to save your home, water damage may be inevitable. We’ll help manage the damage, restoring these aspects of your home as well.
  • Smoke damage is a real problem, the smell can be unbearable. Kelmann will work to not only restore the damage from fire, but that caused by smoke as well.
  • Even the items inside the home that weren’t burned may have been damaged whether by smoke or by the efforts of the firefighters. These items need to be assessed and repaired the same as anything else.

The process of fire damage restoration can seem long, but must be done right. With the right help, you can restore your home to where it was, giving a safer and easier transition to your family. Contact Kelmann Restoration to help take care of your fire, smoke, and contents restoration: 414-774-3799

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