How to Prevent Wind Damage

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While you can’t do anything to prevent natural disasters, you can prepare yourself and your home to prevent the damage that extreme weather conditions can cause.

Let’s talk about wind, it’s powerful and is responsible for thousands of dollars worth of damage every year. During weather events such as windstorms and hurricanes, wind speeds and direction can change suddenly. When that happens there is pressure applied to structures and if there are any points of weakness, they may fail and contribute damage to the rest of the home.

The roof, siding panels, doors and windows are all considered potential points of weakness, and by taking simple precautions you may be able to save a great deal of time and money after a severe weather event.

To be certain of potential problem areas it is best to have a professional look at your home to identify the areas that you could improve to better protect your home from wind and storm damage. But here are some Best Practice Tips to help you be better protected.

Roof Storm Preparation

lightning striking behind a house at night
The roof of your home takes a beating when the winds kick up, and if it isn’t stable it can damage the walls and other parts of the structure. It consists of several parts, the sheathing is the base layer connected to your rafters, the shingles which are visible on the outside and the gables, which are the side walls if your roof is pitched. Your roof and it’s connections to your house need to be stronger than wind that is pushing it against it.

  • Check the inside of your attic to make sure that the sheathing is properly anchored to your rafters.
  • Consider investing in impact resistant asphalt shingles to prevent damage from large hail and heavy rain.

Storm Protection for Doors and Windows

Doors and windows can be and often are the most direct route for wind and debris to make their ways into their your home and potentially damage your things.

  • Look into installing wind shutters on your windows or on large glass doors to prevent breakage during a severe storm.

Do you need restoration after a storm or do you want to protect your home and family from the next one? Give Kelmann Restoration a call at 414-774-3799.

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