Spring is Coming: Prepare for Flooding

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With spring only a month away, it’s time to think about snow melt and the possibility of flooding. As the temperature rises, water can become your greatest enemy. Flooding surges across the country and there’s only so much you can do to make sure it doesn’t happen to your home or business. That being said, as we hit late February, it’s time to make a plan to prevent flood water from getting the best of you.

Fix Minor Leaks Now

Home damage caused by snow, ice, and storms couldn’t reasonably be fixed mid-winter. It was too cold and with the prospect of more snow and more damaging weather, it wasn’t worth it. As the weather turns to spring, time to dust off the tool box, buy a roof patch kit, and get to work. Look for leaks and home damage:

  • on the roof
  • in  the basement
  • in crawl spaces
  • in the attic
  • on the outside of the home
  • in bathrooms
  • in the kitchen

Do a full inspection in and around your home for minor to major cracks and damage caused by snow and ice. Get this fixed as soon as you can.

Inspect Current Flood Prevention Appliances

Ah, the sump pump. It’s a life saver in areas where flooding is common. While sump pumps range from low to high capacity and various power outputs, the objective remains the same: pump standing water out of a sump basin located in a basement. If your sump pump has been inactive for an extended period of time, or is several years old, it’s ability to be effective may be compromised.

Look at your pump; make sure it’s level, that the cord isn’t excessively worn and in good shape. You should test your sump pump by filling the basin with water to the top. Your pump should start immediately. Watch the pump as it pushes water out of the home and away from your home’s foundation.

Go outside and see where pumped water is being directed. Your pipe should be pointed away from the home and extend far away from the foundation. Make adjustments if necessary.

Prepare for the Worst

If you don’t already have a wet shop vac, now’s a great time to invest in one. If your home floods in the middle of the night you’re going to want to act quickly. A wet vac will become your best friend in this situation. In addition, keep a pair of waders and knee high boots on main or upper floors and make sure they’re accessible. Flood water is often contaminated with sewage and other chemicals hazardous to your health.

Know Your Insurance Policy

You should look at your home insurance policy annually and understand what is covered and the process to make a claim. We’re well versed in insurance claims as they relate to home disasters and are happy to guide you in the process.

Kelmann Restoration has been in the home and business restoration business in Wisconsin for decades; we understand what it’s like to go through a home disaster and not know what to do. We guarantee a 60-minute response time in emergency situations and are prepared for any disaster. Learn more about how to select a home restoration service.

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