March Madness: 7 Unorthodox Methods to Filling Out Your Bracket

Are you ready for March Madness? If you’re someone who fills out a bracket, how do you choose who to root for? Do you meticulously research each team or would you rather leave it to fate? If you want to try something new with your bracket choices this year, here are seven unorthodox ways you can choose your winning team this season.

  1. Decide on the Mascot Who Would Win in an Arm Wrestling Match

If you’re someone who usually chooses by mascot, this is a fun twist on choosing a team by mascot. Rather than picking your favorites, you can decide which team will win the game based on which mascot you think would win an arm wrestling contest. For example, if the Oregon Ducks were playing the Auburn Tigers, the tigers would most likely win. Ducks probably aren’t the best at arm wrestling.

  1. Choose Your Favorite Jerseys

Whether you’re a huge sports fan or not, choosing your winning team by each team’s jersey is an easy way to fill your bracket. If you are on the fence about a matchup, or don’t know anything about either team, look them up and pick the jersey combination you like the most! This can be a very easy way to pick.

You can choose your favorite jersey based on:

  • Color
  • Design
  • Style
  • Team Logo
  1. Let Chance Decide With the Flip of a Coin

This method is the simplest one on our list. First find a coin (bigger is better), and assign a team to each side. Flip the coin, and advance the winner. Want to add an extra element of chance? Try picking the winning team with the one that wins two out of three flips.  

  1. Pick the Better Vacation Destination

When matching up two teams just ask yourself: “Where would I rather take a vacation in March?” This can be an easy way to pick a winner, depending on your personal preferences. A choice between a team in California and one in Vermont could be an easy decision if you enjoy the sun during winter months.

  1. Blindfold Pick

There are many ways to pick your team using this method. The important thing here is that you can’t see which one you are picking. It’s up to you to decide how you choose while you’re blindfolded. If you take the darts route, put all the teams up on a dart board and start throwing. You can also take the pencil dropping route, where you drop a pencil on papers with each team written on them.This is a great opportunity to have fun while choosing your bracket. Really, anything you choose to do will work as long as you do it blindfolded!

  1. Let an Animal Decide

Ever heard of “Fiona the Hippo” or “April the Giraffe”? These animals have picked the winner of championship games in events like the Super Bowl, the World Cup, and March Madness. If you can’t decide on a winner, rely on the experts: animals. These psychic animals seem to have instincts for picking winners. Also if you have a pet you can let them decide! Lay out two papers with each team’s name on it and lay some food or a snack on top. Let your pet decide who will win by seeing which option they choose!

  1. Do the Research

Like most people who actually try to pick correct winners in their bracket, it’s hard to guess who the winners will be when dark horse teams and underdogs achieve an unexpected victory. But researching and picking the correct winners brings a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. Actually trying to pick teams that will move on can be the most soul-crushing or electrifying feeling when you finally see the game results. Not a sports fan? That’s OK. Doing your research may be a new, unorthodox way for you to fill out your bracket this year!

We wish you the best of luck in filling out your March Madness bracket and hope these unorthodox methods of picking teams helps you out! Share your brackets with us on Facebook and good luck picking your winning team!

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