Don’t Let Your Halloween Catch on Fire! [3 Home Safety Tips]

Bloody zombies and Pennywise clowns got nothing on the rage of a menacing house fire. They have the power to take away everything you’ve ever known, leaving nothing but a trail of destruction. Protect yourself, your family, and your home by following these three tips to keep your house from catching on fire this Halloween.

1. Beware of Jack-O-Lanterns

Halloween jack o lantern

Traditionally thought to ward off evil spirits, thousands of jack-o-lanterns are lit every year. Many people put a candle in them and set them on their front porch. The light of the candle flickers through the pumpkin’s carved expression, helping trick-or-treaters feel the Halloween spirit. Little do people realize that jack-o-lanterns are one of the most frightening parts of the holiday. They’re fire hazards!

What happens if you forget to blow out the candle, or a pesky teenage villain kicks it over? Now, don’t go hexing us just because we’re advising against putting a lit candle in your jack-o-lanterns. There are other options—like battery-powered candles and glow sticks. You could even get really creative by painting the inside with glow-in-the-dark paint.

2. Say Boo to Some Decorations

Halloween decorations

Would there even be Halloween without decorations? Although that’s probably debatable, some decorative items could definitely catch on fire if left too close to heat sources like light bulbs, candles, and heaters. Certain heat sources may also be fire hazards themselves.

So what exactly should you be cautious about when it comes to decorations? First, don’t overcrowd your home to the point they have to be put near heat sources to make room for them. For safety’s sake, go for minimalism. Second, don’t use nails or staples to hang your Halloween lights. If the lights’ cords get damaged or frayed, they could start a fire. Third, avoid anything that involves fire—sorry pyro dad, no costume prop flamethrowers!

3. Don’t Get Hypnotized & Forget the Oven

Halloween cookies

Treats are at the epicenter of any great Halloween party. Sugar cookies shaped like pumpkins. Cupcakes that look like a witch’s cauldron. Frankenstein rice krispie treats. There is no end to the imaginative treats your oven can take on.

However, you have to be careful not to get caught up in a hypnotic spell and forget about what you’re cooking. Never leave anything in the oven while taking your children trick-or-treating and make sure to set timers so you’ll remember when to take food out. As a good rule of thumb, get all of your treat preparation done before the trick-or-treating starts. Otherwise, you could get too distracted and forget—forgetfulness is the fuel to many cooking fires!

This isn’t all hocus pocus. If the house fire monster does end up visiting you this Halloween, just remember that saying Beetlejuice three times fast won’t help you—but all is not lost!

Call on Kelmann Restoration

We promise, we’re more reliable than the scary man in the striped suit. No tricks! We’re more like Casper the ghost—friendly and there for you no matter what. We can help with any fire and smoke damage needs. Give us a call today at 414-774-3799 and we’ll get you back to feeling safe in your own home.

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