Milwaukee Kitchen Remodel

Kelmann Restoration took a residential kitchen from too-tight to just right.

What Happened

Local Wisconsin homeowners had spent years living in their space, deciding what worked and what didn’t work for them. They made the decision to remodel their kitchen and contacted Kelmann to help. Their goal was to gain a more open feel for their space without breaking the bank.

What Kelmann Did

Kelmann Restoration team members met with the homeowners to determine budget, materials and design. Then, we got to work on construction. We opened up the wall between the kitchen and hallway, making it a half wall with a top to match the cabinets. This tied the whole space together while still achieving the project goal. We added five can lights in the kitchen ceiling to brighten up the space. Finally, we added new granite countertops with a travertine tile backsplash to give the kitchen a completely new, modern look that the customers loved.

Want to Learn More?

Kelmann Restoration is an award-winning remodeling company. We see your project through from start to finish – from mitigation of the initial property disaster all the way through to the full remodel. Learn more about our process and see other before and after photos, and give us a call any time: 414-774-3799.

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