Greendale WI House Fire Restoration

A fire started in the chimney of this Greendale home. The fire burned through the roof, and smoke and soot damage spread throughout the entire home. On top of the extensive fire destruction, the home suffered massive water damage caused in the process of putting out the flames. These Before/After photos had even our own team saying, “Is this the same house?!”


The same night of the fire, Kelmann’s emergency response team was onsite. We quickly completed our standard fire board up process, and took extra steps to winterize the home (remember the famous 2019 Polar Vortex? That’s when this fire took place!).

Once the initial mitigation was complete, our reconstruction team took over the project. We worked with the customers to rebuild the home from the studs up. The floor plan was reconfigured to suit modern tastes and an open concept. Together, Kelmann and the homeowners took a tragedy and turned it into something beautiful.

Want to Learn More?

Kelmann Restoration is an award-winning remodeling company. We see your project through from start to finish – from mitigation of the initial property disaster all the way through to the full remodel. Learn more about our process and see other before and after photos, and give us a call any time: 414-774-3799.

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