Wisconsin Summer Safety Tips

Wisconsin Summer Safety Tips during Covid-19

We may be celebrating summer in new, quieter, socially-distanced ways this year, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be having fun (while staying safe, of course)! A few favorite summer activities come with slightly elevated risk factors. Kelmann cares about your family and your safety – follow these tips to stay safe while enjoying time outdoors this season!

Keep a fire extinguisher on your patio

Whether you’re having fun with fireworks or grilling out with friends, having water and a fire extinguisher on hand is a practical way to be prepared, and gives you and your guests peace of mind.

Don’t guess when you grill

Check on your grill ahead of time. Clean it up, including the drip pan, and inspect all attachments. Make sure your grill is set up in an open area, away from tree branches or roof overhangs.

Inspect your air conditioner

Now is the time of year to check on your air conditioner’s wiring system to prevent an AC fire. Did you know about 2,300 residential air conditioners start fires every year? A simple wiring check can ensure you’re not one of them!

Keep your distance

Stand a safe distance away from your grill and fireworks and each other (Covid-19 is very much on your summer guest list, unfortunately). Make sure that your pets and children are also out of range of those sparklers or fireworks before you light them!

Keep calm and call Kelmann

Sometimes, disasters happen no matter how prepared we are. That’s when it’s time to keep calm and call Kelmann. Our award-winning fire restoration team will be on site when you need us, using all the latest Covid-19 safety precautions and ready to serve you and your family.

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