Surviving Summer Storms and Power Outages

Prepare for a power outage

High humidity and temperatures bring more than just discomfort this time of year. They bring water damage (and you know who to call for that, right?), broken tree limbs from storms and the inconvenience of the dreaded Power Outage.

We’ve all been there. Your plans for the evening (or whole day…or several days…) go out the window when your home loses power.

Is your home ready? Is your freezer? These quick tips take a little time and make a big impact when you find yourself in the Power Outage Panic. 

Stock The Freezer

Protect the food in your freezer by keeping your freezer full in the first place. Consider packing it with frozen milk jugs filled with water or ice packs. Bonus: this will not only help you during a power outage, it will also aid your monthly energy bills!

Add “Flashlights” to Your Amazon Cart

Candles aren’t the most practical during a power outage. Having enough flashlights for every member of your family is key for keeping safe. Don’t forget the extra batteries! Or – invest in some solar flashlights or lanterns (and make sure you charge them in advance).

Have a Cooking Contingency Plan

There’s always Door Dash, of course, but if you want to use up some of that fridge or freezer food before it spoils, make sure your propane tank is full for your gas grill, or you have enough charcoal on hand. You may also have a small propane stove in your garage or basement for camping, so make sure that’s ready to go and easily accessible (of course, only use each of these outside!).

Consider Creative Ways to Stay Cool

Will you need to sleep in the basement? Make sure there are some pillows and blankets on hand. Do you have extra battery-powered fans? Maybe time to update that Amazon cart.

Prep Your Home Ahead of Time

Trim those tree branches around your power lines. Make sure you have a battery backup for your sump pump. Oh, and it might be a good idea to invest in some more big plastic totes; it’s nice to store your important possessions in those to avoid water damage in case your basement floods.

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