A Fresh (and Safe!) Start to Fall in Wisconsin

National Preparedness Month Kelmann Restoration

Happy September, Wisconsin! And happy National Preparedness Month!

National Preparedness Month Kelmann RestorationThat’s right: a whole month dedicated to family and community disaster planning. It’s a project of the Department of Homeland Security. It falls (pun intended) at a time when we’re in a “fresh start” mindset anyway. It’s back-to-school time (kind of) and apple-picking season (wearing masks, of course). As we prepare for a shift toward cooler days and earlier evenings, it’s a good time to prepare our homes for a new season (and keep up on our best Covid-19 safety practices).


Kelmann’s September Safety Checklist:

  1. Check your air filters / When is the last time you’ve changed your air filter? Wait…don’t answer that. We recommend changing the filters at least quarterly. Take the start of this season as a cue to swap out the old for the new.
  2. Check your fire extinguishers / While you’re at your local hardware store buying air filters, pick up a home fire extinguisher for each floor of your home. Bonus points if you buy an extra one just for your kitchen. It’s best to keep fire extinguishers stored in easily-accessible locations where fires are most likely to occur.
  3. Check your smoke detectors / Before you have the fire extinguishers, make sure your smoke detectors are functioning and have fresh batteries.
  4. Build a Disaster Kit (just in case) / Straight from ready.gov, National Preparedness Month reminds us to gather supplies that could last for several days after an unplanned disaster. Take into account everyone living in your home (children, elderly relatives, pets). What might everyone need to evacuate quickly and safely? What might everyone need to stay put and stay safe until help arrives? What do you need to take into consideration because of Covid-19?


Keep calm and call Kelmann

Sometimes, disasters happen no matter the season, and no matter how prepared we are. If disaster strikes, don’t overthink what you should have done. Just keep calm and call Kelmann. Our award-winning emergency response team will be on site when you need us, using all the latest Covid-19 safety precautions and ready to serve you and your family.

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