How To Make Sure You’re Deep Frying A Turkey Safely

Safely Deep Frying A Turkey

For many families in the Milwaukee area, Thanksgiving is a time to get together with loved ones and enjoy delicious food. Many people like using the deep frying method to cook their holiday turkey. This is a great option but requires an abundance of safety precautions. According to the National Fire Protection Association, over a thousand home fires are caused by turkey frying accidents each year. While setting up your fryer this year, make sure to use caution so you can keep your food and home intact. As an emergency home restoration company, we can provide you with tried and true fire safety tips. Keep reading to learn how you can practice safety this holiday season. 

Steps for Safely Deep Frying a Turkey 

When it comes to deep frying a turkey, it is best to take every precaution to keep your home and your family as safe as possible. Follow the following safety tips described below to ensure a safe and happy Thanksgiving. 

Find the Perfect Turkey Frying Area

The first step in deep frying a turkey is to locate a safe, outdoor spot. You should always make sure to be at least 10 feet away from any structures like your home, garage, or any neighboring structures.  A turkey fryer should not be placed in a garage or on a wooden deck. There should be no kids or pets around the frying area. 

Make Sure Your Frying Surface is Level

Once you’ve made sure the safe is space, you must make sure that the frying area is on flat ground. The last thing you want is the extremely hot oil to topple over and potentially cause you, any spectators, and the surrounding area to catch on fire. 

Wear Protective Gear

When deep frying any food, you always want to do your best to avoid any oil touching you. To ensure your safety, wear an apron, durable clothing, and oven mitts. To be extra safe, safety goggles can also be worn. 

When Deep Frying a Turkey, Always Be Sure it is Thawed

Making sure your turkey is completely thawed is a vital safety tip that should never be overlooked. If your turkey is not thawed and completely dry before frying, the excess moisture will combine with the oil. When oil is mixed with water, it can cause bubbling and spillage of the fryer. If oil spills from the fryer and onto the burner, it can cause a fire. If this occurs, a fire restoration company can treat your case with care and expertise and help you proceed with the next steps in reparations. 

Monitor the Temperature

Always be cautious when touching the turkey fryer. The handles and the lid can become very hot and can cause burns. It is important to be sure to keep track of the oil’s temperature to avoid overheating. If the oil gets too hot, it can result in a fire. 

Be Prepared and Have a Plan

Safety should always be the first priority to help the holidays start off in the best way. It is vital to be prepared before you start cooking to lessen any chance of an accident. You should never leave the fryer unattended. To make sure this is avoided, double-check that you have everything you need before you start frying. In addition to your cooking materials, you should also have all of your protective gear and a fire extinguisher nearby at all times.

Oil fires can be very difficult to put out. In the event that a fire occurs, call 911 right away. If deep frying a turkey does not go as planned this Thanksgiving, don’t hesitate to contact Kelmann Restoration to learn more about our fire and smoke damage restoration services.

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